The Modern-Day Pygmalion's Dream
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The Modern-Day Pygmalion's Dream

The Modern-Day Pygmalion's Dream

Pygmalion had a weird dream.

He dreamt that his life-size sculpture of the most beautiful woman became real. Galatea, his creation, had a mischievous look and a luscious smile. And as he embraced her, he felt a strange desire that he couldn't explain.

As he woke up, he knew he had to sculpt Galatea.

He rushed to his studio and looked at the marble block he recently bought. He knew Galatea would be in its place in a matter of a few weeks. And he picked up his chisel out of love for his art and Galatea.

That evening he tweeted about his dream along with a picture of the day's work.

And tweets poured from all over the world in response.

Some ridiculed him, while others admired him. All the thousand new followers begged him to keep sharing pictures of his work every day. Clubhouse rooms discussed his progress and suggested tips to reach his goal. They indicated that he should Livestream as he worked on the project. Some urged him to document his progress and sell it as a course on Gumroad. And he listened.

As he worked harder to make his followers happy, he grew famous.

His mailbox was flooded with invitations to appear on podcasts and talk shows. People begged him to share more updates on his work, art and recent politics. He was the talk of the internet-town.

But every day, his dream of Galatea looked more distant. He kept chiselling when he could for a year or more.

One morning when he walked into his studio, he saw a beautiful woman sitting where his sculpture was. She was staring into the void as if the world made no sense. She was exquisitely beautiful but bore no resemblance to what Pygmalion dreamt of.

"O Galatea, would you be my wife?" said Pygmalion, still in love with his creation.

Galatea responded with a blank look. She lacked soul.

And Pygmalion regretted that he valued the world more than his heart.