An Evening in Sitges
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An Evening in Sitges

Carlos and Anna's marriage is falling apart. They decide to spend an evening in Sitges to make a last-ditch effort to fix it. Will they succeed?
An Evening in Sitges

The rumbling waves of the Mediterranean Sea couldn't calm Carlos' mind as he plodded alongside Anna.

He knew this trip to Sitges wouldn't end well.

"The same table?"  asked Xavi, the friendly waiter, when they reached their favourite seaside cafe. "You remember still, Xavi?" said Carlos patting Xavi on the back.

Anna's face lit up as they found "their" table by the large blue window overlooking the sea.

It reminded Carlos of those happy days when they spent hours holding each others' hands and watching the sea waves wrestle with the sand. It was right here, where he got down on his knees and scooped out his heart in the form of a diamond ring. The sheer joy on Anna's face that day was priceless.

But soon, the weather changed.

The hammer of starting a family fell heavy on their lives. They juggled long hours at work, business trips, kids, friends, saving for a house and a slew of other commitments. And they became strangers under one roof who shared a bed with acres of space in between.

And one day, Carlos heard Anna whispering to someone on the phone. And those mysterious phone calls became more frequent. Is Anna seeing someone?

Carlos arranged for a babysitter and asked Anna to spend the evening in Sitges. He wanted to confront her, though he could already guess the outcome.

"Whoa, what's happening there?" said Anna pointing at the crowd that had gathered on the beach. A thundering helicopter appeared from nowhere and landed there in a few minutes.

"A boy died a while ago. He was swimming alone in the sea, and he drowned. No one knows how." said Xavi, appearing from behind, as Carlos and Anna squinted their eyes, trying to figure out what happened.

Anna gasped as Xavi continued, "What a waste of life! That poor chap was only 15. He barely saw the world and explored its limits. I am sure he never fell in love even."

A few minutes passed in silence.

The salty breeze threatened the flickering lamp that brightened the space between them. Carlos extended his arm and took Anna's hand in his hand. Anna looked at him and squeezed his hand in return.

The volatility of life in the looming shadow of death reignited love in their hearts.