Are you a juggler or a robot?

Are you a juggler or a robot?

Are you proud of following your carefully engineered morning routine? Or did you oversleep today?

Did you reach "Inbox Zero" at work? Or are you still scrolling through countless emails while dreaming of an extra hour to brainstorm about passive income?

Have you dominated your kindle library and built your "second brain" replete with your groundbreaking notes? Or do you have 80% of your bookshelf staring at you, eager to know when you are going to read them?

Did you join a virtual conversation on Clubhouse/ Zoom recently while your real-life friends are still waiting for your message to meet up for lunch?

Have you been avoiding movie night with your significant other or zoo weekend with your kid to focus on your side hustle?

You're either a robot or a juggler.
You're either inhumanely in control or on the verge of madness.
And you have no time for the world around you and yourself.

You seek happiness while you're spiralling down to a certain kind of hell where apathy rules.

That's why I created Equilibrium Café.

Emotions make you human. And stories evoke emotions.

Grab a coffee and get your weekly dose of 2-minute stories to feel those emotions you have alienated — despair, agony, hope, joy, first love etc. And bring back your life to equilibrium.

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